BlueDrop Enviro


BlueDrop Wetlands is all about giving a new life to waste water


BlueDrop Enviro is a Sustainable Green solutions environmental company fully focused on the single objective of Waste Water Treatment and expert in Construction Wetlands solution in the world.

BlueDrop Enviro aims at being pro-active and solve the severe water scarcity problem that is engulfing the entire world challenging current and future generations.

We deploy well-researched and tested methods of water purification that make grey and black water reusable in fields, farms, or flush tanks with minimal operating cost.

Our quality and reliable experience in the practice of waste water treatment with about 100 years of collective experience and over 35 successful implementations across India ranging from 1 KLD to 1.2 MLD, offer proven solutions to meet any specific requirements.

“Giving water a Second Life” reflects our commitment towards Sustainability and the need to treat & reuse for a better tomorrow which is endangered with water scarcity.


We at BlueDrop believe water is the "silver drop of life" that sustains life with infinite potential of being recycled in various ways. We simply use a few of those ways and the outcome is water which can be reused.


We at BlueDrop divert grey and black water into channels to pass through Constructed/ Treatment wetlands wherein it goes through a progressive purification process. The outcome is clear water that can be used again.


Team BLUEDROP Enviro

Gangadhara Reddy Dontireddy

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Gangadhara Reddy Dontireddy, known among professional circles as 'Ganges Reddy' is an ‘Environmental Sustainability Expert’ and is the CEO & Co-founder of BlueDrop Enviro Pvt Ltd.

Sravan Banda, B. Pharm., M. Tech (Environment)

Director, Co-founder

Sravan Banda , is the Co-founder and the brain behind BlueDrop’s entry into the Environment & Sustainability space with Constructed Wetlands

Scott Wallace, M.S. Environmental Engineering: University of Iowa, 1989

Mr. Wallace is the founding partner of Naturally Wallace Consulting (NWC). He is a technology expert known for his innovative, practical water treatment solutions, including winning National Engineering Excellence Awards

Rinse Martin Kilian, Master of Environmental Science (MSc.), ‘96, Wageningen Agricultural University, Holland.

Founder of Kilian Water, Holland & Owner of Kilian Water Ltd. Denmark, 2001 Mr. Kilian has more than 20 years experience in the field of wastewater treatment.