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BlueDrop Wetlands is all about giving a new life to waste water

Some of our Projects

BlueDrop is heavily focused on Waste Water Treatment covering Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP), Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) and Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems.

In the past few years, BlueDrop has executed over 35 waste water treatment systems of various capacities for various customers of various domains viz. municipality, food industry, university, industrial park, residential, administrative offices, airport facilities, process water from industries etc

HPCL- Visakha Refinery

A decentralized wastewater treatment project having two separate treatment locations for the admin block & QC lab. Decentralized to avoid new UGD lines and pipe diversions etc which saves resources. These facilities get wastewater from office utilities, centralized dining facility, laboratory wastewater which contains traces of O&G and other reagents.


Very unique project addressing the removal of iron, ETHYL MERCAPTAN & dirt from the waste water which comes from the cylinders' wash water. LPG gas is basically propane and butane, and it is odorless in its natural state. The smell that one notice when there is a leak is actually the stench of an entirely different agent, called Ethyl Mercaptan. This substance is added to the gas when it leaves the main storage terminals. This project was a great success in removing Iron, Ethyl Mercaptan and the other wastewater components.

TSIIC- Cherlapally

An industrial estate having perennial problem of variety of waste waters coming from process water of industries as effluents, domestic wastewater from offices, heavy duty cooking units etc accumulating in the neighborhood with obnoxious stink. The inflow effluent is high in Chemical and Biological loads. The system is performing beyond expectations treating every KL of waste water flowing into the treatment facility. This project received several accolades and is published in various places. Images of raw and treated water can be seen in the pictures in the gallery.

GPHS- Central Kitchen

A kitchen facility with daily cooking for over 22,000 people per meal. Imagine the raw waste water quality with very high amounts of COD (3000 to 8000), BOD (1000 to 3000) and O&G and brackish in nature with TDS ranging from 2500 to 3500 ppm. A stabilized system today producing best output water quality meeting PCB norms and being reused for irrigation purposes. Very light on O&M and far excellent in its functionality.

Kanha Santhi Vanam

A complete gravity flow system, no external pumping is used, its first of it’s a kind system designed by our Sustainability experts where the treatment cost is near to zero. The system can handle the domestic wastewater to the capacity of 1.2 MLD.

Mahabubnagar Municipality

Lakshmi Nagar is a peaceful colony in Mahabubnagar which has a Nala flowing, characterized by the heavy stench, visually ugly with dark water formed due to assorted waste waters flowing in from various sources and containing all kinds of solid wastes in it. BlueDrop has created a simple n elegant Constructed Wetlands set up which draws water from the nala and treats it thoroughly producing clear, transparent, odorless water which is planned to use for sustaining a community park under planning. Consistent water quality across all seasons with minimal O&M.

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