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BlueDrop Wetlands is all about giving a new life to waste water

Our Philosophy

Water is one of the recyclable natural resources on earth. Using chemicals and fossil energy for treatment of waste water for reuse leads to degradation, creating newer problems while solving the existing problem. Hence, we at BlueDrop, practice 'no-chemical' and minimal or no energy policy. We have adopted the most natural ways to revitalize the waste water so that the quality and natural properties of the water are sustained and we get recycled water in the best form.

Best solutions to many human challenges have come from the mother Nature!
They are often Simple but Elegant!!
Even for the Waste Water!!!

Nature's Way of water purification: Wetlands

Wetlands, which are naturally formed landscape have been at work rejuvenating water since ages. These are popularly recognized by the sustainability experts as "Earth's kidneys" which filter the impurities and pollutants from our waterways.

The BlueDrop Way : Constructed Wetlands and More!!

Constructed Wetlands are engineered systems that utilize the natural functionality of the vegetation, sediments/substrate/natural filter media and micro-organisms to purify the waste water streams. Constructed Wetland Systems are in a way oxygen supplying biological engines which can treat most types of waste water.

The combination of substrates, plants, hydrology and microorganisms efficiently remove organic pollutants, nutrient concentrations, even certain hazardous metals and toxic contaminants in the water.

Wetlands act as the bio filters to remove the pollutants such as organic pollutants, nutrient concentrations, heavy metals, sediments etc. We at BlueDrop create/ customize both the sub-surface flow and surface flow wetlands depending on the type of waste water to be treated. Our prospects only have to put front their requirement and we take care of the rest.

The BlueDrop Solutions not only treat your waste water, but they go beyond!

Beautify your spaces

Nature itself is beautiful: we bring that magical beauty to your premises by providing green space which can be an odour-less waste water treatment system. Whether it is a residential colony, institution of any kind, Commercial or government organization or anywhere else, we create an ambience that is far beyond magnificent. The beautiful plantation across the wetland is a charm for the eyes that is sure to make the sightseer spell bound.

Our creative team of professionals holds tremendous experience in their respective fields and their staunching efforts can be seen in the aesthetic wetlands that will allure many to spend some moments of peace in the arms of the nature.

Light on pockets

We see it as a 'low-cost investment' for a 'priceless resource'. The cost of treating the waste water for reuse is quite small as compared to the long lasting benefits. Our customers do not have to pay painful Operation & Maintenance (O&M) charges but very minimal as the natural tendency of the Constructed or Treatment wetlands helps them to maintain themselves with the nature. BlueDrop prefers to stay engaged with its customers for about 5 years to protect the investment made by the customer. Don't you think it is a wise investment in the wake of a sustainable future?

Bio diverse Green lands

Variety of species of plants that are highly desirable for the type of waste water to be treated create a diverse environment around the treatment plant. These species of plants naturally attract the birds butterfly and bees which is the next possible natural habitat for these bio diversities so that they feel themselves as much close as possible to the nature.

The advantages at the bottom can go on a panel on the right side and can predominantly be visible.

Advantages :

Low Maintenance

High Aesthetics

Low Depreciation

Low Operative Cost

Quality Improvement

Low Sludge


Superior Water Quality