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BlueDrop Enviro, is building new generation & revolutionary Sewage Treatment Systems and Effluent Treatment Systems through Advanced Constructed Wetlands. BlueDrop systems are Economical, Clean, Green, Environment friendly and Easy to operate.

Phytoremediation redefined for Indian eco-system.

  • Does your STP cause bad odours?
  • Is it prone to frequent repairs and maintenance?
  • Can you afford breakdown of your STP?
  • What's the effective life of your STP?
  • Can you have a natural STP with minimal space/footprint?
  • Want to have an STP but not to have the sludge handling nuisance?

At BlueDrop, to treat the waste streams we build some of the Finest Treatment Wetland Systems which run well over a 30-year life cycle with superior performance; our systems offer flexibility to varying loads be it volumes and/or inlet parameters. Our systems cost almost on par when compared with conventional mechanical systems but saves expense of the O&M costs. It’s a fact that if your capital cost to build a conventional STP/ETP (like SBR/MBBR/MBR) is, say 1 Crore, the O&M would cost over 5 Crores to run the STP/ETP for a 12-year period of which major portion is cost of energy, man power and repairs & spares.

BlueDrop Systems have least mechanical operations so you wouldn’t need skilled man power. Also our systems have least maintenance & no breakdowns. This saves a ton of money on the Operations & Maintenance

What’s the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your STP?

‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) of our Aerated Wetland Treatment systems is quite lower compared to conventional mechanical systems in longer term. This TCO is a key factor in evaluating the suitable technology if an organization needs to operate an STP/ETP for 15/20+ years.

Which one would you prefer as a solution for your wastewater ?

A Waste treatment plant or A clean & odorless garden with biodiversity

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