BlueDrop Enviro


BlueDrop Enviro is an environmental company and our services are fully focussed on the single objective of Wastewater treatment. We deploy well-researched one tested methods of water purification which make grey and black water reusable in fields, farms or flushtanks with minimal operating cost.

“Giving Water a Second Life” reflects commitment towards Sustainability and the ability to treat wastewater and reuse for a better tomorrow.

Water is one of the recyclable natural resources on earth. Using chemicals and fossil energy for recycling of water leads to degradation, creating newer problems than solving the existing problem of water quality.

Hence, we at BlueDrop, practice ‘no-chemical’ and minimal energy policy. We have adopted the most natural way to revitalize the wastewater so that the quality and natural properties of the water is sustained and we get recycled water in the best form.

BlueDrop has executed about 40 wastewater treatment systems of various capacities for various customers of various domains viz municipality, food industry, university, industrial park, residential, administrative offices, airport facilities, process water from industries etc.

What we do?

The wastewater generated by our society is our responsibility and liability.

Environmental policies require that the used water should meet the water quality standards before it is let into public drainage lines or other avenues

  • COD/BOD levels/Nutrients
  • Odor& Suspended solids
  • Toxins

Water as a resource: Very Precious Resource; Cannot be recreated, limited availability, expensive to acquire the volumes needed.

  • Constructed Wetland Sewage Treatment Plants/ Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Lake Restoration
  • Rain water harvesting

Constructed Wetlands Sewage Treatment Plants/ Effluent Treatment Plants

BlueDrop Systems are Integrated Constructed Wetlands also known as Phytoremediation Systems, globally proven for decades and established across the world. These are engineered systems that use the natural functionality of the vegetation, sediments/substrate/natural filter media and organism to purify the wastewater streams.

  • No energy required for treatment
  • No chemicals
  • No mechanical parts apart from pumps
  • No breakdowns
  • Longer life span
  • Increasing efficiencies with time
  • No dependency on technically qualified personnel; just a part time gardener can maintain

Lake Rejuvenation

BlueDrop Systems are Integrated Constructed Wetlands also known as Bio-remediation Systems are globally proven for decades and established across the world.

Lakes have various uses including domestic purposes, green space management, biodiversity and temperature regulation, wastewater dilution. But, they have currently become dump for solid waste and wastewater. There is a consistent decrease in the organic content of water in the lakes which is indicated by the parameters of COD and BOD.

BlueDrop Enviro’s CWS based wastewater recycling will ensure environmental and economic sustainability.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an environmentally sound solution to address issues brought forth by large projects utilizing centralized water management approaches. Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation/deposition of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer.